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‘Cradle to Grave - Total Drum Management

Drum Manufacturing

Drum Reconditioning

Waste Management

Ramsden Steel Drums (Est.1997), has been manufacturing new steel 210 litre drums for 23 years.

Our Manufacturing division is backed with a comprehensive Reconditioning service via our parent company Ramsden and Whale Ltd (Est.1956) have over 64 years of expertise in reconditioning 210 litre steel drums.

Ramsden Drums as a fully licensed disposal site offers a complete steel drum disposal facilities for ‘end of life’ containers.

Our associated company Drumcare (Est.1993), operates an IBC laundry and sales facility, together with a plastic drum and container shredding and granulating facility.

All of our combined facilities are located on our fully Licensed sites at Great Bridge in the West Midlands.

Total Drum Management

For over 64 years Ramsden Steel Drums, through our parent company Ramsden and Whale Limited, has been providing; paint manufacturers, lubricants stockists, and powder coatings manufacturers, with drum recycling, and safe drum disposal services. Providing UK manufactured or sourced; 55 gallon oil drums, 210 litre steel drums, litho drums, and reconditioned steel drums.

This is all part of our Total Drum Management commitement to UK industry.

UK Manufacturer - Ramsden Steel Drums

With over 23 years manufacturing experience within the UK Ramsden Steel Drums, We manufacture steel drums to meet clients specifications. Manufacturing the following drum types to UN specifications, including: open head, tight head, litho printed, lacquer lined, and steel lined.

We guarantee that once you use our Ramsden Steel Drums, you will never want to use any other souced steel drums again!

Total Drum Management - Our Products and Services

Our commitement to providing UK Industry with a Total Drum Management service is backed by our 64 years working within a wide range of industries, including: grease, dye stuff and base stock suppliers or manufacturers across the UK.

From our experience we have developed a full range of products and services to compliment the needs of clients working within these specific fields of UK Industry.

Our range of Services, includes: steel drum manufacturing, silk screen printing, drum recycling, and end of life container disposal of industrial containers.

We can also supply New / replacement Industrial Containers, including: 210L steel drum, 210 litre steel drums, branded steel drums, and reconditioned steel drums.

Corporate Branding of Steel Drums

Our investment in UK manufacturing over the past 23 years has enabled us to develop a complete corporate branding service, for companies that need to create a strong brand awarness in the market place.

We offer both silk screen or litho printed branded 210 litre steel drums, from inital design through to final implementation and supply.

The succes of our corporate branded steel drums can be seen by our end-users including: Q8, Petrona Oils, BP, Morris Lubricants, Chevron Global Lubricants, GB Lubricants, and MTA.

Where to buy Ramsden Steel Drums?

Ramsden Steel Drums for sale

You can always directly buy steel drums off us, call us now on: tel: +44 121 557 3656 but you may also like to check out our UK stockists, including; www.Manupak.com.

Industrial Associations

We are so keen to keep abreast of both new technology and industrial processes that can benefit both the packaging industry and end-users directly. In view of this we strongly believe in collaborating and sharing information with other members of key Industrial Associations within the grease, lubricants, base stock, petro-chemical, and powder coatings industrial sectors.

We are currently active members within the following Associations, including: UKLA, IPA, ELID, and DRUMCO.

Public Relations

Ramsden Steel Drums has a strong commitement to providing both editoral and product news via a wide range of media, including: publications and social media.

We currently use the following media for all company and product annoucements: LUBES, Lubes and Greases, www.pressat.com, Hazardous Containers, www.twitter.com/ramsdendrums, www.linkedin.com/company/ramsdendrums, and www.pinterest.com/ramsdendrums.


Ramsden Steel Drums has exhibited at the following exhibitions, including: Packaging Innovation, UKLA, and at the IPA.

Tell us about your Drum needs

We aim to please our customers doing our best to provide you with a quality experience, whether you are looking for; silk screen printing, or want steel drum manufacturing services.

We will always be pleased to talk with you about silk screen printing, corporate drum branding, or end of life container disposal needs.

Phone us now on: +44 121 557 3656

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Tel: +44 121 557 3656
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